Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Now here’s an invention that has cow power! Organic dairy farmer Albert Straus has designed the first full-scale electric truck to help combat climate change. Yes, a vehicle powered by cow poop! The Straus Family Creamery, located in Marshall, California, has a goal of maintainig a sustainable farming system.

Talk about initiative! 7-year-old Ryan Hickman has started Ryan’s Recycling Company and has already recycled 200,000 cans and bottles since he was 3. So far he has made $21,000 doing it!

Get ready for the new SIGG 2012 collection. The bottles are an eco-friendly way to serve yourself water. Now out with colorful, fun designs – the Kids Bottles are especially cute. They are eco-friendly, BPA and phthalate free. Prices for the kids bottles go up to $19.99. I love them for myself and the kids! […]

What I love about light tote bags are that they’re easy to unfold and use, can carry heavy things and are eco-friendly. RunRunRun is a product line that does just that. They sell shoppers, totes, and lunch bags in modern, stylish designs. They also support the plastic bag ban. What’s cool is that each bag […]

I have never heard of or seen a baby bottle from OrganicKidz before. Well, until last week that is. These stainless steel bottles are cute, safe for children and toxin free. The Founder, Jane Walter, wanted to design these as an alternative to the popular plastic and glass bottles. There are a good variety of […]

Looking for a doll safe for your toddler to play with? Introducing Dandelion’s new Organic Doll. These toys are designed especially for toddlers. They are earth-friendly and are made with organic cotton fiber, making them pesticide free and ultra soft. Filled with fibers made from corn, they won’t lump when washed and will always keep […]

If you’re going to wrap your holiday gifts, why not do it the eco-friendly way? Little Kay Gardens has developed 100% recycled Gift Wrap That Grows. After wrapping your gift with this, you’ll be extending the life of this paper. The recipient will be able to reuse it to plant and bloom. Embedded are wildflower […]

Whole Foods Market has launched a new version of the 365 Everyday Value Baby Diaper line. Now, each package has more diapers and cost $2 less at a retail price of $9.99. The new line will continue to perform the essential diaper duties: 1.       Protect against leaks. Yes! This is true. I used all the […]

If you’re currently scouting for baby products and are looking for something just a little different, then check this out. This Taiwanese made baby mat comes to you from Oshi Mat. These cool multi-use mats can be used for changing, playing or for baby’s music class and they each come complete with their own light […]

For cloth diapering parents, Charlie Banana has launched in the U.S.! This new company sells eco-friendly, organic baby products which are made of 100% certified organically grown cotton. A promising product is their EcoDiapering System which includes a 2 in 1 reusable diaper with washable and disposable inserts. When you’re using these diapers with a […]

German fashion accessory firm Lassig have developed an extensive range of kids products. Included in the lineup are sports bags, messenger bags, and the backpacks which are featured here. These cute lightweight bags are made from polyester and are designed to be durable. There are two outer pockets and a detachable inside pocket providing ample […]

It’s swimsuit season and you get giddy over that adorable new suit you just bought for your kid. Wait…you also need to fit a swim diaper in there too. That could add bulkiness, making it uncomfortable to wear. When I received a sample of Bambino Mio’s Nappy Swimsuit I was overjoyed. Designed especially for girls […]

Yay! It’s another giveaway! This time we’re giving away the newest bibs from Mimi The Sardine. These Messy Baby Bibs with fun prints will protect your babies from food goop and spills. There’s a pocket to catch crumbs and long sleeves to protect arms. Suitable for tots 6-24 months, the bibs are eco-friendly and can […]

Belle Baby Carriers has upped a level with their new eco-friendly carrier called Organic Earth. The company has really outdone themselves with this product having made it entirely of 100% organic cotton and Romanian hemp. Can I just say this is the softest baby carrier I have ever felt? The inside liner is of fuzzy […]