Saturday, December 16th, 2017

For labeling my children’s clothes I use Mabel’s Labels the most. Their Colourful Label Out Loud Tag Mates are perfect to use for my son’s preschool. I don’t have time to iron or sew so these peel and stick labels are convenient for me to stick on pants and tops in a second. Plus, in […]

Labeling things for the kids is useful if you don’t want to lose anything. How many times at daycare have I lost a pair of pants or water bottle because I forgot to put their name on them? Err…too many! That’s why I’ve taken to puttingĀ  name labels for everything my kids own. A new […]

Since I’m not into stitching labels onto clothes I decided it was a good time to stock up on sticky labels for the kids. I just got a small batch from Oliver’s Labels, currently the only company to sell full color, waterproof graphics. Their design themes include Sea Life, Dinosaurs, Flowers, and ones that read […]