Saturday, December 16th, 2017

I’m starting to be more consistent in potty training my toddler so any help I can get is great. I received the Little Looster to try out this week. According to the press release it’s “a revolutionary, uniquely-designed potty training accessory that provides the perfect support for little legs and fits discreetly around the base […]

Online children shop Mason & Matisse is offering Mogul Baby readers 20% off orders. They sell a nice selection of clothes, bath accessories, bedding, and furniture…all pleasing to the eye and functional. (One of the items available on the site is this Apple Mirror). To take advantage of the deal, just enter promo code MB20 […]

Not all parts of parenting are fun I’m afraid and one of the most challenging tasks is to get your little diaper dude or dudette potty trained. Having the tools for the job is an essential part of getting it done as efficiently as possible. Buying a good potty is a surefire decision and Boon […]

Potty training has been a struggle in our household so I was hoping Potty Tots would come to the rescue. Winner of Start-Up Nation’s Honorable Mention Award for the Most Innovative Product of the Year, the Potty Tots sing, play instruments and help kids learn the six steps of potty training. In the boy kit, […]

If you’re planning on potty training soon you might want to put some fun into it by buying The Potty Caddy (Book and Stuff – Workman Publishing, $14.95) It’s a box that contains a 32-page book on the basics of potty training, toilet paper, a potty chart with stickers, four toddler magazines (Vanity Fairy, Rolling […]