Friday, May 27th, 2016

The new Kidz Bop 30 is coming out on October 16! The collection includes the latest hit pop songs such as Bad Blood, Fight Song, Cheerleader, Uma Thurman, and Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).

Here are two fabulous products I recommend from Creative. Sound Blaster Jam Bluetooth Headphones The Sound Blaster Jam Bluetooth Headphones is an ultra-light wireless headset for adults. No cord, which means no tangled mess. It’s very lightweight so you will feel like you’re not wearing headphones while listening to your favorite tunes. The price is […]

My daughter and I are KIDZ BOP fans so when KIDZ BOP 27 was released, I was excited to see what songs were included. I think this is my favorite KIDZ BOP CD so far. Personal faves are tracks Shake It Off, Fancy, Boom Clap, Cool Kids, Break Free, Maps, and Say Something. This lastest […]

The Two Texas “Laughing Moms” are back with a brand new parody for the New Year! This time, it’s the newest parody of  Echosmith’s “Cool Kids” where they have  put their own spin on it with “Cool Moms.” I like the lines about the “cool moms having all the cool blogs.” These two moms have […]

Get singing and dancing because KIDZ BOP 26 is now out! It’s already proven popular as the latest volume entered the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart at #4. To support the release of KIDZ BOP 26, The KIDZ BOP Kids – Ashlynn,  Bredia, Grant, Jayna and Matt – are currently on their “Dream Big, Sing Loud” national […]

KIDZ Bop 25 is now out! The tracklist includes kid-friendly hits such as Roar, Best Song Ever, Wrecking Ball, Royals, Love Somebody, and The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) We have many of the KIDZ Bop CDs and this  particular one has many tunes my daughter likes. This time around the new KIDZ BOP […]

I’ve been looking for kids headphones for awhile as my children like to use mine. With their small heads – it was hard to keep them on. Fortunately- I was sent orange KidzControl Volume Limit Headphones to try out. Padded and comfy to wear – these are great and fits my 4-year-old perfectly. They come […]

Check out these colorful Crayola MyPhones for children. These volume-limiting headphones keep sound pressure down to levels recommended safe for young ears. They are available in two styles – earbuds and headphones. The Earbuds comes with a carrying case shaped like Crayola crayon and 3 sizes of soft silicone ear cushions. Available in Purple Pizazz, […]

The newest KIDZ BOP album is out! KIDZ BOP 23 features hit songs like Good Time, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Diamonds, Locked Out Of Heaven and Live While We’re Young. The music brand – for kids ages 5-12 – has my 4-year-old singing along. It’s the latest CD to be played in […]

Happy 10th Anniversary Kidz Bop! The release of Kidz Bop 20 has 16 of the current hits sung by its newest members Steffan, Eva, Elijah, and Charisma. It’s a hit with the kids, especially my toddler. She loves to dance to Born This Way, Tonight Tonight, and On The Floor. If you’ve just seen the […]

Okay moms, you need some music to cover the screams of babies, tantrums and any other sort of whining. ChicBuds Sport Headphones are bright, convenient and are great for on the go. These are compatible with iPhones, iPods, CD players, MP3 players, and the treadmill at the gym. Features: •    Folds up for ease of […]

Even moms and dads need a break from all the screaming the kids make! These Ronin DJ style headphones are just the perfect accessories to take with you on the go or to just plug into the laptop. Created by Frogz, this is one of several cool looking styles they have (I especially like the […]

Hey moms, want to drown out your children’s cries? This Chic Bud’s RockBoom Speaker iPod case protects your nano iPod and also serves as a speaker. You can’t see the speaker since it’s protected behind the material of the case. Just plug it in and take it on the go. Since it’s more for the […]

Hey moms, this is for you! Mama Mio recently launched their Bikini Confidence Travel Kit ($39) and I love it! Inside the little reusable pouch are 3 small tubes of some of their most popular products: Get Waisted, Shrink To Fit, and Boob Tube. These lotions smell and feel nice on the skin as well […]

You won’t hear Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in this Baby Blanket Music collection. Designed for little ears, there are four CDs containing unique lullaby arrangements featuring well-known musicians. Billy Joel, Elton John, John Mayer and Simon & Garfunkel are among the artists whose hit songs and familiar melodies are featured. Hum to the lullabies of […]