Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Ellie Goulding has taken it one step further than just introducing her new MacroBar flavor: Coconut + Almond Butter + Chocolate Chips. Ellie and GoMacro have teamed up for a sweepstakes!

The Goulding Ticket Sweepstakes is available in specially marked MacroBars that have a “Goulding Ticket” inserted inside.

Who would have thought Ellie Goulding and a nutrition bar would go together? The British pop star has partnered with GoMacro to create an organic, vegan nutrition bar named Everlasting Joy.

It’s the brand’s twelfth flavor with ingredients Coconut + Almond Butter + Chocolate Chips.

Hyland’s has brought sustainability to their homeopathic product – Hyland’s 4 Kids Bumps ‘n Bruises with Arnica (its topical push-up ointment stick).

The best product I have used to monitor fevers is the TemporalScanner. The readings are precise and I am always reassured when my children are sick.

I know a lot of parents who use Hyland products. The homeopathic company has been around for 112 years and offers safe, natural solutions to treat colds, sneezes and coughs.

6 Immunity-Boosting Herbs For Fall provided by Dr. Christopher Hobbs

Now here’s a homeopathic product that you can take orally to relieve earaches. Kids Relief has developed a safe and natural remedy for children. Kid’s Relief Ear Relief Oral Liquid comes in grape flavor and quickly helped my son yesterday when he complained of swimmer’s ear. He took a dose last night and this morning […]

Here’s a gift idea that is healthy and will help feed hungry children in America. Love With Food is an organic, all-natural subscription snack box that you can receive every month. For every box they send they donate a meal to help fight hunger in America. Most of the snacks are on the healthy side (previous […]

THE PRIZES: Each month 10 moms will win a year’s supply of Boogie Wipes and one grand-prize winner will receive a 7-day Walt Disney Cruise for four   From wiping gunky noses to changing diapers and years of lost sleep, Boogie Wipes® knows that motherhood is snot easy. To honor moms and create an opportunity […]

Recently for National Children’s Dental Health Month, Xlear Inc., the leading manufacturer of xylitol products on the market today, released a video showcasing the most effective way to keep your kids pearly whites healthy and strong!   I was sent two samples of Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel. They have been developed to be used in building […]

FireFly Light-Up Toothbrushes are fun for kids! I’m a big fan as they have helped my 4-year-old take more of an interest and she brushes longer. I just tell her she has to brush her teeth while the light timer is on. The toothbrushes flashes the dentist-recommended time of 1 minute per arch. The bristles […]

Here are bandages that you don’t see in every chain store. Ouchies adhesive bandages have different designs to cover boo boos and make a child smile. When I first saw these I thought they were the cutest! My favorites are the Eric Carle and the Paddington Bear bandages. Eric Carle – The Bear Series are […]

Real Housewives of New York City’s Countess LuAnn de Lesseps was a panelist at the Cold-EEZE Luncheon last Friday (Jun 21)  at the Hudson Hotel. “Because of long taping schedules and many interviews, appearances and performances, it’s absolutely necessary to always have this cold remedy on hand because a scratchy throat can hinder a busy […]

Here’s some new products that are safe for you and your kids. Maty’s Healthy Products is a line of all natural, gluten-free cough and cold remedies that are safe and effective to use on infants (three months) and adults. There are no artificial sweeeteners, no dairy, corn, soy or yeast. Plus these are made in […]

My daughter loves Zarbee’s All Natural Children’s Cough Syrup so when I was offered to try the new Zarbees All Natural Children’s Cough & Sleep Drink (grape flavor) I was happy to test it. It just so happened that my daughter had a sore throat when the product arrived last week. From 9 to midnight […]