Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Perry Mackin has a new second line of diaper bags called Stella Kim. The company was started by two women who wanted to design stylish diaper bags for moms. They did a great job because their styles are attractive, appealing and affordable. I was sent the Lauren handbag ($69.95). I took a picture of it. […]

Now here’s something I would have used when my daughter was a baby. The Hulabye Happy Changer is one solution to prevent your little one from squirming around too much on the changing mat. How many times have you used the strap attached to the mat and realized – it’s not holding the baby still? […]

It’s nice to have fancy looking baby wipe containers which is why I really like the concept of Lili Couture. The company was started by a mom who was an accomplished interior designer. With three boys she knew that these products would be a hit. And I can understand why. It can be daunting to […]

Kushies is having a special sale this weekend. Get 15% off your entire order from now until Monday, July 5.  They sell swimwear, apparel, bedding, diaper bags, and toys. Visit

We were so excited when this magnificent Le Petit Voyage Overnight Bag from Timi and Leslie arrived. This quality leather bag is loaded with accessories, all sporting a tasteful circus animal theme. Packed inside, you’ll discover a whole plethora of baby essentials including an insulated bottle tote, a detachable shoulder strap and a whole bunch […]

The Plush Pad by Ah Goo Baby is one fancy changing mat! Actually, it’s not really a mat but a thick memory foam cushion. When your baby lies on it, it will mold to his curves and relieve her pressure points making diaper time enjoyable. Sounds like a spa-like experience? Well feeling it makes me […]

Having a diaper bag that’s roomy is essential. The folks at Wee Generation have partnered with Seventh Generation and Rickshaw Bagworks to create the ultimate eco diaper bag. The first thing I thought was, “This is attractive and I love the size.” I was also very impressed to learn that this bag is PVC free […]

Go modern with this cool changing mat! Kuster has thrown out the traditional rectangular shape for one that’s curvy and unique looking. The Kuster Jelly Baby Changing Mat is made out of soft memory foam so feels kushy to the touch. The high tech material is warm and soft which makes it very comfortable for […]