Saturday, December 16th, 2017

In time for Halloween, Jose Cuervo offers these cocktail recipe ideas!

I first heard of Fruit Shoot when were in England a year ago. We found them in a store, bought a bottle and my daughter ended up loving to drink them. So when I found out that they are also sold in the U.S. we were excited.

Have you ever heard of using tea to clean in the home? Choice Organic Teas offers this simple recipe:

Here’s what you’ll need:
– An empty (clean) spray bottle
– 3 tea bags of black tea (English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Classic Black, Wild Forest Black would work great!)
– 1 cup of water

The Bundle Organics’ packaging definitely attracted me. They made me look at the label twice. So what are these drinks designed for moms-to-be?

Introducing the new Sip ‘n Seek™ Cups from Evenflo.

What makes these cups unique? They allow children to discover disappearing and reappearing characters with a simple turn of the cup’s outer wall.

Here’s a way to get youngsters excited about numbers. The Multiples is “times table dinnerware” created by David and Jo Clancy.

For party supplies, there’s a company out in Brooklyn, NY who offer stylish plates, cups and napkins. A plus, they are made in the USA! I first heard of Susty Party when I received an email from their publicist.. Later that night, I turned on Shark Tank and the two co-owners  Emily Doubilet and Jessica […]

We recently received AquaBall, a new kids’ beverage that is claimed to be the  the first and only naturally-flavored, sugar-free kids’ water on the market. AquaBall was created by a principal in an urban school system who saw the pandemic coming and wanted to introduce a delicious and healthy option for children and families. First of all, love […]

Let’s talk about the fancy water bottles we just got! We’ve never bought anything BRITA before for the home so when I got two bottles (Dora the Explorer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) I was willing to try them. The third design is Spongebob. First of all my son and daughter like them as they’ve […]

Are you an organized parent? The Universal Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Organizer (stores up to 12 bottles or sippy cups) and the Universal Baby Food Jar Organizer (stores up to 16 jars of baby food) can fit in your fridge and make mealtime more manageable. The products are adjustable to grow with your child […]

Innobaby recently sent me two new products to try out: the Sippin’ Smart Cups and the Keepin’ Fresh Stainless Divided Snackbox. As you can see here – my daughter likes her cup a lot! They are big but easy to handle. The straw is her favorite part of course since she feels “less of a […]

SIGG has great offerings for your Back To School shopping. Check out their newest limited edition Rainbow collection. The new collection features 12 vibrant hues inspired by the rainbow.  Running the spectrum from neon yellow to cool coral to royal blue, you will undoubtedly find a shade that catches your child’s eye.  The sleek, loop top style bottles are manufactured and […]

I recently received the Evenflo Bebek trainer cup to check out. It’s designed for little babies who are transitioning from bottle to cup. There’s a soft spout so gentle on teeth and gums. There are also three handles. At first I thought that was strange but then thinking about tots who usually just grab any […]

Liberty Bottleworks is launching a new line of 16 oz. kids bottles, and to celebrate the new kid-specific design, the company is hosting a Back to School Art Contest to give one aspiring artist a chance for their work to be featured on a limited edition Liberty bottle. The Back to School Art Contest began […]

I first heard of Mommy Juice Wines on Twitter and loved the name! I thought, how original and funny? They caught wind of my enthusiasm and kindly sent me two bottles of the red and white stuff to try. The day I received the package, I waited until the kids were asleep so I could […]