Sunday, February 18th, 2018

The Speech Teacher Offers Thanksgiving Tips For Little Ones


Molly Dresner, a Speech Language Pathologist and owner of her blog The Speech Teacher, is in tune with helping children in NYC. There she conducts evaluations and provides speech and feeding therapy to those under age 6.

Dresner also recently released The Speech Teacher’s Handbook. 

Here are her tips on how to have a stress free Thanksgiving with small children:


Holiday Travel with Little Ones

Limit Screens
We often see a change in behavior following a significant amount of screen time, so keep screen time to a maximum of 1 hour per day for children two to five years of age

Pack Smart Entertainment
Pack smart activities like coloring or sticker books. Overall, pack games without pieces that may get lost, quiet options without repetitive noises and, most importantly, activities that motivate your little one.

Snack Right
Snacks will certainly affect your little one’s behavior, so avoid foods and juices that are high in sugar. Also, pack healthy options ahead of time so that you are not relying on fast food or convenience stores.

Guide to A Picky Eater’s Holiday
Call in a Sous Chef
Cooking with our picky little eaters is an awesome way to get them familiar with the feel, smell and sight of the foods.
Warm Up With Play
Use cookie cutters and play-doh tools with foods like mashed potatoes, build towers with turkey or ham cubes or paint with cranberry sauce.
Include Familiar Foods or Eating Tools
Ease tension by presenting one or two of your child’s favorite foods alongside one or two new holiday foods on their go-to tray or plate.

Having a Mindful Thanksgiving

Great Expectations
Little ones love knowing what to expect. Start prepping them casually with who they are going to see, what they are going to do, where they will be going and, most importantly, why it will be so fun!

Change of Scenery
In order to avoid the repercussions of trapped wiggles – take outside breaks! You can go for a walk, run around the park, or set up a game for your whole family in your backyard.

Back to Basics
Holidays can feel like sensory overload for children. Be on the lookout for when they need a break from the commotion to do a relaxing activity like reading a story, kid-friendly yoga poses, making a craft or doing a puzzle.


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