Saturday, January 20th, 2018

H20 At Home – Diaper Changes Are Chemical Free With The Pouponnettes Kit


If you’re looking for a way to clean your baby without using chemicals, I introduce you to H2O at Home. The company believes that all is needed is a high-quality microfiber cloth, water and, in some instances, a natural cleanser.

If you look on their site, you’ll find they sell natural home care products, organic personal care and home fragrances.

Their line for babies includes a Pouponnettes Kit, Cloth Pouponnettes, Baby Bottom Cream and Baby Cleansing Gel.

H2O at Home adheres to strict European eco-certification standards for the organic and natural ingredients in of all its products.

Brief info on their products:

Pouponnettes Kit ($35)
These washable, reusable cloths and wipes keep your baby clean using only water. The pouponnettes’ microfiber composition makes them soft, absorbent, strong, and very durable. Practical and travel-friendly, they allow you to clean with just water to avoid the risks of irritations and allergies on your baby’s skin.

(The mesh bag is great to carry anything soiled in washing machine.)

The Cloth Pouponnettes
−     Perfect for keeping your baby’s face, neck and hands clean
−     Also work great in the bath with H2biO’s Baby Cleansing Gel

The Wipe Pouponnettes:
−     Washable and reusable once wet and slightly wrung
−     Ideal alternative to disposable wipes
−     Apply a thin layer of ointment on baby’s bottom for even more comfort and protection after diaper changing
−     Can be cut in two to take care of larger wipes (7.5″ x 16″) or in four for regular size wipes (7.5″ x 8″)

Baby Bottom Cream ($19)
This ointment offers a hypoallergenic and effective care product for your baby’s bottom. Both protective and repairing, this cream, when generously applied, preserves baby’s fragile skin from any dehydration or dryness. It softens the epidermis, soothes irritations, helps to heal and prevent diaper rash, and can be safely applied to milk crusts. Find comfort in the 100% natural ingredients that make up H2O’s Baby Bottom Cream like:
−     Organic argan oil
−     Organic rapeseed oil
−     Non-nano zinc oxide
−     Organic beeswax
−     Organic calendula extract
−     Natural Vitamin E

Baby Cleansing Gel ($19)
This gel has some of the softest natural washing agents on the market and is guaranteed to gently cleanse your baby’s fragile skin and hair. Baby Cleansing Gel has been tested under dermalogical control so it is formulated to minimize the risks of allergies. The sweet and fruity fragrances are perfect for daily bathing and the moisturizing active ingredients work as calming agents to prevent dry skin and leave your baby soft and soothed.

Visit H20 at Home website.

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