Monday, December 18th, 2017

Zulily Celebrates Women Businesses In October


Zulily is honoring female entrepreneurs this month!

The online retailer has launched National Women’s Small Business Month in October. Zulily is raising awareness with four weeks of sales events featuring female small business owners and the amazing products they’ve created.

Zulily began in 2010 building a platform for small businesses to reach out to new customers.

Throughout this month, shoppers will have access to more than 100 small businesses, all companies created and owned by women on zulily’s National Women’s Small Business Month page.

A select number of brands participating include CHOOZE, AllerMates, PackIt, Da Bomb Bath Fizzers and Sara’s Signs. You’ll find home décor, footwear, maternity clothes, women’s and kids’ fashion, baby gear, beauty, DIY and more.

I have my personal fave brands listed there…visit

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