Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Soft Baby Rattles – Handmade Toys By Pebble



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Great gifts for babies! Pebble by Kahiniwalla sell soft baby toy designed as whimsical animals.

These products are special. They are handmade by women who live in rural Bangladesh and are distributed by Kahiniwalla in North America. Austin and Marita Miller founded Kahiniwalla in 2010.

At the online store you will find adorable friendly creatures. This whale rattle ($15.95) will put a smile to any child’s face.

Blue Pebble Whale_zpsiot5eecl (1)

Other water animal toys from Pebbles include:

•    Rattle Crab – Blue:  A smiley crab rattle made with 100% cotton yarn.

•    Rattle Octopus: Pebble founder Samantha Morshed designed this. Available in an array of different designs and colors including Rainbow, Organic, Green, Pink, Pale Blue and Pale Pink.

Visit the kahiniwalla website.


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