Friday, January 19th, 2018

Polly Cloth Will Clean Germs And Every Bit Of Dust



I am not a neat freak but I do like a clean house. So when I heard about Polly, a cleaning cloth offering a chemical-free solution I was willing to test it out.

The founder and CEO of Polly is Alex Hegevall Clarke. He’s originally from Sweden and has lived all over…from Chicago to London and now San Francisco.


●  Polly is the first cleaning cloth that removes over 99.9% of germs with just water and is 100% scratch-resistant, lint-free, bleach-stable and machine-washable
●  With a splash of water, Polly removes more germs from your countertops, coffee tables and smartphones than chemical disinfectants
●  At 20x smaller than human hair, Polly’s fibers scrub the smallest nooks and crannies you can’t reach with sponges, wipes and towels — all without scratching
●  Polly absorbs more water than five paper towels. Washable and reusable, Polly saves trees and saves you money
●  Clean up the environment too by reducing chemical run-off, antimicrobial resistance and landfill waste
●  Want to use chemicals? No problem. Polly is durable enough for use with your favorite household cleaning products, even bleach
●  No more restocking. Polly is machine washable and can be laundered over 400 times

For a 3-pack you can choose Blue, Gray, White or Yellow Polly Cloths for $20 (includes free shipping in 100% 
recyclable packaging)


So here’s the dirt on the Polly cloth. Overall, I like them! The test was cleaning my bathroom counter. I noticed that with one swipe it cleaned up dust and whatever icky stuff (like toothpaste) in a second and made the counter top shine! In another area I wanted to make it smell nice so I used a surface cleaner solution and wiped it down with the Polly cloth. However you want to clean, it’s up to you. I like the value and quality of this product.


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