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5 Tips For Having A (Truly) Happy Mother’s Day


Lauren Brody and Teddy (credit Nancy Borowick)

Lauren Smith Brody, author of The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity and Big Success After Baby, shares her tips for this coming Mother’s Day. Brody is a mom of two little boys and former executive editor of Glamour magazine. Read her blog The Fifth Trimester.

(Photo credit: Nancy Borowick)


By Lauren Smith Brody

For many of us, Mother’s Day means a bouquet of flowers, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, or—if we’re really lucky—a lovingly-and-slightly-burned breakfast in bed. And those things are all great!

But parenthood is all about making memories, and that traditional trifecta (flowers, candy, toast), can start to blur year to year. Studies have shown that experiencing new things for the first time together is very bonding—and memory-making. Every other day of the year, you’re the one teaching your kiddos how to do something you already know how to do. Why not share a completely new experience together? You’ll walk away with the gift that lasts longer than the hardiest construction paper heart: A real memory to treasure.

Our phones are often an integral part of making memories—whether it’s calling our loved ones or taking photos. That’s why I’m teaming up with Total Wireless to talk about how to do Mother’s Day like a “boss.” Here are some unforgettable ideas:

1.    Create a family playlist and have a dance party.  The internet is your friend here. Choose a hit song from the birth year of every member of your family, from great-grandparents down to the baby, for a uniquely-yours mixtape. And then, obviously, dance! Or karaoke. Or both, your call.

2.    Move it! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 5K race, a family yoga class, or an easy stroll around the block, a little exercise is good for everyone. Bonus points territory is ordering matching exercise gear (go ahead and be That Family). Search online for “custom t-shirts,” or do a deep dive into Etsy for inspiration. Yelp may have some suggestions for a local vendor too.

3.    Play food stylist. You know those time-lapse recipe videos? Why not try making one as a family? Best-case scenario, you’ll end up with shareable directions your little sous chefs can send to their friends. Worst case? You’ll have some messy laughs…and order in pizza.

4.    Dig in the dirt. It’s Mother Nature’s day too, after all, so honor her with a visit to a local garden, or plant one of your own. (Window boxes count if you live in an apartment like I do!) According to, May is the perfect time to plant roses, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and more.

5.    Set a hug alarm. Cheesiest idea on record…and yet, we dare you not to enjoy it. Most mornings of the year, your alarm is go-time for the morning rush/panic. Today, let everyone in the family set his or her own alarm on your phone for a family hug session. Don’t forget to reach out to your far-away family members. Video hugs and screen kisses count too.

Lauren Brody headshot (credit Nancy Borowick)

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