Monday, December 18th, 2017

Buying Flowers For Valentine’s Day? Consumer Affairs Reviews 5 Online Retailers

0 is helping customers this Valentine’s Day by reviewing five online flower retailers.

Did you know that people spent over $19.7 billion on Valentine’s Day last year? Around 28% of the people did their shopping online. Out of the $19.7 billion spent, $1.9 billion was spent on flowers alone. Among the sales were complaints too. ordered 5 bouquets from the most popular online flower retailers, deconstructed each one and discovered which retailer provided the greatest value in the following categories:

•    Best bang for your buck
•    Most romantic
•    Best deal
•    Best match to website description

The retailers and price for a bouquet: $74.98
Blooms Today $70.97

bloomstoday_ConsumerAffairs $71.98 $69.23


Proflowers $69.96

Check out their  interactive tool.

You can hover over each flower to get more info on wholesale price, retail price, scent and meaning for each bloom.

Happy shopping!

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