Friday, December 15th, 2017

‘We’re Lalaloopsy’- A New Netlix Original Series


Lalaloopsy netflix

The Lalaloopsy girls are now on Netflix! I remember getting one of the dolls just a few years ago. Amazing how fast the company has grown.

The Netflix original series “We’re Lalaloopsy”, which premiered on January 10, follows the incredible misadventures of six creative friends and their silly pets as they navigate a uniquely extraordinary world. Follow the girls as they explore the ‘Magic of Creativity™ with all-new original songs.

If you’re new to the brand, here are a few of the characters:

Storm E. Sky
She’s a musician who lives by a different tune. Her rebellious spirit is best expressed in song, but she will only sing in front of her best friend/pet, Cool Cat. Storm E. wants to see the best in everyone, while inspiring them to follow their passions.

Splatter SplashShe’s an artist who sees each mistake or mess as an opportunity to try something new.  Everyone in Lalaloopsy Land loves her unique, and often outrageous, point of view. Whenever she hits a creative block, her pet and muse Zebra is sure to bring inspiration.

Jewel Sparkles
From gowns to parties, Jewel aims for perfection, but often misses the mark. She is a dream-big princess without a magic wand. Her plans may not unfold like she once imagined, but with the help of friends and loyal pet Cat, her projects are always a sparkling success.

Crumbs Sugar Cookie
She’s perfectly precise in her baking measurements –and in life! Crumbs will bring a comforting cup of tea to a sad friend, but that friend better use a coaster, or Crumbs might blow like a kettle full of steam! And there’s no friend more willing to taste test than her troublemaking pet Mouse.

Watch the video and find out more about what Lalaloopy is all about!




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