Friday, December 15th, 2017

WaterPura – Chemical Free Wipes For Baby


Even though my children are past the diapering stage, we still use wipes in the house. I was sent a sample of WaterPura recently and was glad to know they are for sensitive skin. They are scent free and of course I would use them again!

The founder, Emily Frazer, is a mom who wanted to develop all-natural, American-made baby wipes after discovering that her son Archie started getting diaper rashes from the natural wipes she was already using.

Frazer created WaterPura wipes that are chemical-free wipes. Here are more reasons to give these a try:

•    Keep it Simple: Have you taken a closer look at what’s in the baby wipes you use? WaterPura™ stays natural with only two ingredients:
•    99.9% water and 0.1% citrus extract. No fragrance or oils that will irritate the skin when wiping off your toddler’s little hands, feet, and face.
•    A Wipe You Can Trust: Derived from a mother’s love, WaterPura™ creator Emily Frazer trusts these alternative wipes on even her own son.
•    Five Stars: See what parents are saying about the idea of water-based wipes on WaterPura™’s Testimonial page.

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