Friday, December 15th, 2017

New From Molly’s Suds: Liquid Laundry Detergent For Those With Sensitive Skin


Molly's Suds

Molly’s Suds has introduced an all-natural Liquid Laundry Detergent that is safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. A follow up to their laundry powder, Molly’s Suds is continuing the commitment to deliver a high level of cleaning power, stain removal, and color care.

Molly's Suds

The Liquid Laundry Detergent (unscented) is designed for those who have allergies and sensitive skin. Perfect for washing baby clothes. This brings me to tell you the meaningful story behind Molly’s Suds.

The company came about in a very unexpected way. Founder Monica Leonard’s daughter, Molly was born in 2005, but she never took a breath. As a pediatric nurse and mother to three other healthy children, this was a tragedy and shock. Seeking a cause, Leonard uncovered disturbing facts about chemicals approved for use yet untested for safety by the U.S. government. The decision was made to create Laundry Powder and other household products that are safe for people and the environment. Molly’s little footprints are on the company’s website and packaging to remind customers that Molly’s Suds products are safe for even the tiniest family member.


This reliable detergent features:
•    An easy-push spout and cap that allows you to retrieve every last drop and measure out portions accurately without spillage.

•    Its easy-grip handles help distribute the weight evenly to allow effortless handling and easy storage compared to other giant, bulky hard plastic containers.

You can find Molly’s Suds in retailers across the US and online at,,,, and

I have two packets of the laundry powder to try. Looking forward to using them! 

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Molly's Suds


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