Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Middle School Books: ‘Earning My Spots’ About A Family Of Werehyenas


For books to read during the school year, there’s a new one for middle schoolers called Earning My Spots. If your child is a fan of Spirit Animals and Warriors, he/she might like this. This is Mark Eastburn’s debut novel.

He tells the story of Sam and his family, the only werehyenas in their town. They do their best to keep up their cover in front of the humans while the other more aggressive shifters mock the werehyena family for being weak and passive.

One night, a pack of shifters raids Sam’s house and takes his family, leaving him all alone. With the help of some new friends, Sam sets off on a journey from Vermont to South America to rescue his family. Along the way, he meets various shifters who aid him on his quest. He even meets a tribe of werehyenas in Louisiana who teach him how powerful his kind actually is and how far his ancestry goes back. From them, Sam learns he has a great destiny to fulfill. Sam realizes that he’s the only one who can stop a war that’s on the brink of erupting.

Published by Sky Pony Press, its recommended for ages 8-12.

Price: $15.99

Mark’s Twitter: @MarkEastburn
Mark’s Instagram: @Mark.Eastburn


My 8-year-old daughter is a big fan of Warriors so she has this as her next-to-read book this coming year. Interesting to learn that Mark Eastburn is a middle school teacher and promotes education on vegetarian jumping spiders in Latin America, where he also used to live.




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