Friday, December 15th, 2017

Dig This! Poetry Books: Bones Of True Believers By Susan Pilewski


Bones of True Believers

The newest book I want to share with you today is by a dear friend. Her latest accomplishment is Bones of True Believers: Poems by Susan Pilewski (paperback; $13). Published by Local Gems Press, there are 68 pages of thoughtful literature.

Read what Susan has to say!

MB: what are the collection of poems about?

SP: The title of the collection comes from the last lines of the first poem in the book, “There are no atheists in foxholes/only bones of true believers.”  I haven’t exactly decided what that means to me, but the line was inspired after seeing this image online several years ago.

The image floored me and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  Who were they? How did they get there?  What series of decisions led them to their final resting place?   I suppose  that’s a question I’m posing to the reader, and to all of us: How do we arrive at our particular station in life?  Are we willing to accept the consequences of staying there?

MB: How long does it take you to write a poem?

SP: Poems come when they come to me.  There is no timeframe, although they usually start as one word or a line that comes to mind as I’m falling asleep, so I’m a terrible sleeper! For me, writing poetry is like an archeological dig; I clear away the fragments that are revealed to me.  I tend to think that everything I will ever write already dwells within me and that the writing process clears the sediment off until I recognize the words again.

MB: Anything you want to add on these poems?

SP: I write in a variety of voices in this book. I’m a big fan of  using newspaper articles as writing prompts and many of these poems came about in that fashion.  I also seem to be fascinated with the concept of “Porn Stars” .  Stars? All of them??  Really?   Aren’t there porn bit actors or porn summer stock players? In my first book, Fetish, I wrote one of my favorite poems entitled “Ode to A Porn Star” and I follow up thematically in Bones of True Believers with my poem “Fluffer”. Definitely  a poem that deals with consequences of the past.

MB: How did the book cover come about?

SP: Right after I wrote the title poem I knew that the skeleton image had to be on the cover, so I asked an artist ,who just happens to be my best friend since third grade, Susan Marmo-Jones, to come up with an interpretation of the image and she nailed it with her first try!  I’m in love with the cover!  Another dear artist friend, Laura Merer, designed the cover and I could not be happier with the end result.

I loved the cover the minute I saw it…didn’t even occur it’s based on that wonderful find in Italy!

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