Saturday, February 17th, 2018

New Netflix Series: Ruby’s Studio


Ruby's Studio

There’s a new children’s television show on Netflix worth checking out. Ruby’s Studio was launched on Sept. 1. and it’s already been nominated for three Emmys.

Ruby’s Studio, a product of LA-based The Mother Company, is already a favorite of Hollywood Moms Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Garner. The company’s mission is to “Help Parents Raise Good People.”

The series is for children ages 2-7 and focuses on Feelings, Friendship, Personal Safety and Siblings, engaging young viewers while providing useful age-appropriate tools for them to use in their daily lives.

Ruby’s Studio will be available to Netflix members in the US, Canada, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand.

There are four unique titles, including:

·       Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show: Adorable host Ruby guides kids on a magical journey of learning through a feelings themed art project, original music videos, gorgeous animated sequences, and puppetry. Featuring the voice of Mel Brooks, Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show helps young kids identify, appropriately express and move through their big feelings.

·       Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show: Emphasizing “The Golden Rule” (treat others how you want to be treated), Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show explores ways to foster empathy, confront bullying, and hone problem-solving skills with the goal of growing and maintaining one of the most valuable things in life: great friendships.

·       Ruby’s Studio: The Siblings Show: Sibling relationships are often the deepest, strongest relationships in life – but they can also be the most challenging! Ruby’s Studio: The Siblings Show offers kids useful tips to resolve conflict, tame jealousy and prepare for a new baby, while also playfully exploring why the connection and love between siblings is so special and important.

·       Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show: In answer to the #1 concern of parents and caregivers of young children, Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show empowers kids around their personal safety by offering helpful language and tools in an entertaining, age-appropriate, and gentle way.

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