Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Board Games At Target: The Game of 49



The newest board game I am going to tell you about today is called The Game of 49 by Breaking Games.

Already launched in June, Game of 49 is available at Target stores across the nation. Price: $20

Here is what it entails:

Start with $49 cash and a simple goal: Place 4 of your chips in a row on the board. Outbid opponents to buy spaces as they are auctioned off one by one. Do you hoard your cash and hope your winning number turns up next? Or spend big to keep an opponent’s chip off the board?
 Do you have a choice? No one knows when the next Payoff card will surface to replenish everyone’s bankroll. And you’ll need every dollar to bid, bluff, and buy your way to 4 in a row. Admit it: This game has your number. It’s 49!


The Game of 49 is for kids 10 and older but my 7-year-old can easily understand how to play.

Opening up the game for the first time, I was intimidated by the pages of instructions. We played and looked through the manual at the same. The goal is simple but you still have to see what certain wildcards mean and how to put your chip on the numbered space (I had to explain what an auction was to my daughter).


The second day we played the game, it all came together for us. We learned to bid for the spaces and spent or saved our money.


Overall, it’s pretty fun!

You can play from 2 to 5 players. Since it was just us two, each game lasted around 20 minutes. Check it out at Target.



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