Friday, January 19th, 2018

Safety Products For The Family: 4id LED Accessories



Back-to-school means buying supplies but it also means safety. I just discovered these cool products by 4id, a leading sports identification and safety products brand.

The following are great for young kids, teens and adults who are out and about when the sun goes down. Whether you’re jogging, getting off a school bus or just taking a walk in the dark, people will be able see you! I also recommend these for trick-or-treating!

Read my glowing review.

PowerArmz – Light up Armband ($19.95)

This light adjustable armband is powered by high intensity LED lights. It’s equipped with a durable and weather proof outer frame, so useful when being active outside. Available in blue, pink, green and orange. Will give this to my husband when he takes evening walks.



SlapWrapz ($14.95)

Just slap this on your wrist and you’re ready to go! Available in red, blue and green. My daughter had to slap this on her wrist right away. Very easy to put on.


PowerOrbz ($11.95)

I love this item! The PowerOrbz easily lights up a tent, room, and closet. Comes with an easy to clip carabiner so you can hook it to a backpack. Up to 100,000 hours of burn time. This would be a hit on the schoolbus!

The batteries are included in each of the products. All lights can stay constant or flash. Affordable…unique…and will help you stay safe. For more info visit









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