Thursday, January 18th, 2018

New From Skip Hop: The Uplift Baby Bouncer



Now here’s an interesting new product…Skip Hop has introduced The Uplift Baby Bouncer. It’s the first height-customizable bouncer that keeps baby close.

Features include:

  • a wide, steady base and security harness that ensures ultimate safety
  • a handy knob to adjust up to 34 inches
  • a streamlined look
  • a neutral color
  • a toy bar that keeps baby entertained
  • two songs and two sound effects (they have volume control)
  • soothing vibration. The auto-off feature comes on after 20 minutes
  • insert that is plush, is made of 100 percent cotton jersey insert and can easily be removed and washed
  • a hand crank that lifts and lowers the bouncer from floor level to eye level

The Uplift Baby Bouncer’s retail price is $150

And this is great…no assembly required! The bouncer is ready for immediate use for babies up to 6 months. I do like that the baby can be “lifted up” to be close to you if you’re sitting down. For more info visit






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