Sunday, February 18th, 2018

My Phone Pocket: Carry Light


My Phone Pocket

Sometimes you just want to bring your phone, keys and money with you to run a quick errand.

My Phone Pocket is a company that offers a solution for people who want to keep their student ID, library card, credit cards and cash organized in one place.

I received these two samples with a tee ball and the initial “e”.

My phone pocket

You don’t have to choose these, there are over 200 designs and patterns available. You can even customize with your initials.

How to use it? Just peel off the 3M adhesive on the back of the lycra pocket and place on the back of your smartphone case.


First of all, My Phone Pocket only fits my bank card, not my library card or driver’s license which are much bigger than the pocket. It could fit a folded bill so I can see that being useful. However the idea of a bank card sticking out and having it open to anyone to see isn’t for me. I like to have those items completely covered.

Can it hold my house keys? No. But it could hold one key.

In my opinion, I can see this being popular for the person who wants to store a student ID or a work ID.

Okay the price…. $12.95 each. That’s a lot for this product! You can buy them in bulk and give them out as party favors which is a fun idea. For example 50-99 My Phone Pockets costs $5.25.

I want to like My Phone Pocket, but I can’t justify the price for something that can’t even hold my bank card or driver’s license. Don’t let me deter you though.

Check them out yourself. Visit


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