Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Book Reviews: ‘Camp Dork’ And ‘How The Crayons Saved The Rainbow’


Sky Pony Press/Skyhorse Publishing has released two new books for children.
Camp Dork 9781634501811

Camp Dork Pack of Dorks, Book 2 by Beth Vrabel

My fourth-grader has been reading this at bedtime and he seems to be enjoying it. I read the first chapter to him and it hooked us right in. This book is a sequel to Beth Vrabel’s humorous debut novel Pack of Dorks, and now I understand why a second book was needed from this author.

It all starts with Sheldon convincing Lucy, Sam, April and Amanda to join him at a week long sleep-away summer camp: Camp Paleo:Live Like A Caveman. The group have to live without air conditioning or a heated pool and instead, will have to learn archery and dig for fossils.

Vrabel also includes some romance. Lucy becomes a matchmaker and goes on to set up couples and puts her own question of liking Sam at the back of her mind. But the pack breaks apart when the wrong campers fall for each other and there’s a mystery blogger who has been keeping a watchful eye on the camp’s activities. Lucy is faced being alone and tries to fix the messes she made.

This is a poignant book about bullying, crushes, and rumors. Recommended!

$16.99 – For ages 8-12.

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow-REVISED

How the Crayons Saved The Rainbow by Monica Sweeney and Feronia Parker-Thomas

This book is sweet. The story starts off with the Sun and the Clouds who are best friends and get into a fight. As a result, the Earth turns black and white and loses color. Then seven little crayons shake out of a school desk and decide to put color back into the world again. They start saving the rainbows and also fix the relationship between the Sun and the Clouds.

Illustrations are of course…drawn with crayons. This story will put a smile on anyone’s face.

$16.99 For ages 3-6


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