Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear Diapers Include Forest Loving Animals



Parents, there’s a new line of Seventh Generation’s line of Free & Clear diapers and baby products.

The new Seventh Generation Protection for All™ Diapers (partnered with the Rainforest Alliance) are made of sustainably sourced materials to protect forest habitats and the animals who depend on them, while remaining the safe and effective diapers that consumers know and love.

The new diapers feature a troop of friendly, forest-loving animals including Ollie the Otter, Audrey the Owl and Benny the Bear. Each character is tied to a specific diaper size with size N-2 featuring the entire troop. All three characters have their own unique story that highlights the threatened environment in which they live. As children grow, they can learn more about the animals by following along with each story:

    Ollie the Otter (Size 3) – Ollie loves swimming, snacking on fish and snuggling into his den to keep cool. Ollie is vulnerable to everything from destruction of his natural habitat to water pollution, and his species was listed as near threatened.
•    Benny the Bear (Size 4) – Benny loves to swim. When he’s not swimming, Benny spends his time eating berries and roaming the woods. Benny hibernates in the winter, usually at the foot of a fir tree in the forests it’s so important for us to protect his home.
•    Audrey the Owl (Size 5-6) – You’re likely to see Audrey in mature forests where she can nest in hollow tree trunks or holes in rocks. There are areas where her natural nesting locations have been removed, leading to a shortage of suitable homes for Audrey and her friends.

Seventh Generation Diapers

There’s no harsh chemicals and the aim is to provide premium absorbency and leak protection. In addition to being made without fragrances, petroleum-based lotions or chlorine processing, the new Protection for All diapers are made from pulp fiber that comes from FSC certified forests and other responsible sources.



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