Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Green Goo – Protect Skin With Organic Herbs And Oils


Green Goo

I’m always for products made in the USA and glad to share Green Goo with you.
The brand uses all-natural, organic ingredients, with only the purest herbs and essential oils.

The following are just some of what Green Goo has to offer:

Green Goo face wash

Calendula Infused Face Wash
This is not a traditional soap. Green Goo’s face wash is rich with oils and healing herbs.

•    Made with Olive Oil and Vitamin E, infused with Calendula
•    Gently dissolves dirt and makeup
•    Rich in antioxidants
•    Won’t clog pores
•    Does not dry skin
•    Softens skin while cleaning

I tried this a couple of times and at first it felt a little strange since lathering it on it feels oily. I was scared it was going to make my skin break out since I already have oily skin to begin with. However, that didn’t happen and I do feel like it has cleaned my skin in some way. Personally I would use this once every couple of days.


Dry Skin Care
I don’t have this product but would totally use it as I currently have dry feet! This will make your feet feel soft in those sandals. Simply add this as a daily moisturizer.

•    Calming and gentle formula
•    Infused with Calendula and five delicate flowers
•    Smooths skin
•    Heals cracked hands and feet
•    Hydrates dry face, knees and elbows
•    A favorite among eczema and psoriasis sufferers
•    Eases rashes
•    Pleasant scent
•    Absorbs quickly

Green Goo

Repair Replenishing Salve

After a day in the sun this could be the  daily hydrating salve you need.
•    Blend of organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil
•    Rich with antioxidants
•    Rebuilds and replenishes damaged skin
•    Deeply nourishes and hydrates
•    Cools the skin
•    Serves as an anti-inflammatory
•    Is known to diminish pre-cancerous sun spots and aging spots
•    Relieves burn and radiation patients’ skin
•    Great for healing scars, softening wrinkles, lightening dark circles and reducing puffy eyes
•    Softens skin while cleaning

I put this on my freckles produced by the sun. I also placed under my eyes since it says it reduces puffy eyes and softens wrinkles. Feels nice! Still have to wait on the results but so far I will continue to use.

Kiss-On Organic Lip Balm

Spend those warm summer nights cuddling up to your loved one! Kiss-on Organic Lip Balm is the aphrodisiac of the summer.  The intoxicating lip balm will get you and your partner in the mood for a hefty smooch-session!
•    Silky, smooth and subtle
•    Soothes the lips
•    Not greasy or sticky


If you want to try a little bit of everything buy the Everyday Travel Pack for $24.95.

Green Goo is part of Sierra Sage. Mother and daughter founded the company and live in Boise, Idaho.



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