Thursday, January 18th, 2018

The Angie Watts Collection: Natural And Cruelty Free Creams


Angie Watts Collection

I like to spread the word on moms who have their own businesses. Angie Watts is one entrepreneur who lives in North Carolina and offers a skincare line with all natural ingredients.

The Angie Watts collection is designed to help alleviate/improve symptoms of eczema, itch, dryness and irritation.
She’s a mom whose daughter had eczema and started creating creams using 100% natural and/or organic oils back in 2006.

The following are her products. There are no silicones, dyes, parabens, mineral oils, alcohol and there has been no animal testing.

Nam Eczema and Extra Dry Skin Therapy, Angie’s Whipped Shea Butter, Au Natural Whipped Body Butter, Black Currant Whipped Body Butter, Lemongrass + Vanilla Whipped Body Butter, CocoLime Whipped Body Butter, Coconut of Negril Whipped Body Butterm Thai Lychee Whipped Body Butter, and Simply Satsuma Whipped Body Butter

I have to say…I love the smells of the samples she sent. I tested the Nam Eczema and Extra Dry Skin Therapy ($15 for 4 oz, $22 for 8 oz.) on my daughter recently after she complained of an itchy back. I rubbed it on and she went back to sleep. Smelling the other lotions that were not tried, I found all had subtle scents. The other products retail for $10 each (4 oz.) and $18 (8 oz.)


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