Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Teething Babies Can Wear A Gummee Glove


Gummee Glove

Here’s an interesting design for a teether – the Gummee Glove.

Gummee Glove is designed and recommended for babies ages three to six months. The glove stays on securely by an adjustable velcro closure which prevents the teether from dropping on the floor and alleviates the need for constant parental toy holding.

Jodine Boothby was on maternity leave when she was inspired by her newborn chewing on a sock.

The UK-based mom explains, “Most babies don’t have the ability to grasp a traditional teething toy on their own for at least five months, though teething usually starts much earlier. In an effort to alleviate my son from the constant hand gnawing, and give myself a break from holding a teether to his mouth, Gummee Glove was born!”

I haven’t seen a teether like this one before. I do remember constantly keeping teething rings in my kids’ mouths so this can be a neat alternative.

Gummee Glove has bright colors, a detachable teething ring which can be swapped out easily for another teether, and is dishwasher and machine washable. There’s also textured teething tags and a crinkle patch to teach cause and effect.

Gummee Glove is available on for $23.99.

Gummee Glove logo

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