Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Blythe Danner In AARP: Talks Career & Gwyneth Paltrow


Blythe Danner (can you believe she’s 72?!) is featured in the December/January issue of AARP. Interviewed by Lorrie Lynch, Danner offers her thoughts on things she knows now and gives some insight into what it’s like being a late-in-life leading lady.

“All your life you think you’ve got so much time ahead, but now with little grandchildren, I look at them and think, ‘How old will they be when I kick the bucket? Will I see them graduate from high school?’ You wonder about all those questions.

Late-in-life leading lady:
“I never thought I would be in films at all.  I was on Broadway for years and won a Tony.  After I won the Tony, I came onstage and the audience applauded, and it completely screwed up my entrance.  I thought, ‘Oh God, who wants to do this? I’m going to go have children.’ I was never terribly ambitious, and the first time I got in front of a camera, I was shaking with feat.  It was very hard to be natural with the camera staring up your nostrils! It took a while to find the freedom that I felt onstage.”

Gwyneth’s fame:
“It was just so darn fast, but she came into the world like that – like this meteor.  I think it’s worrisome when fame happens to your child so early.  Bruce and I, having had careers more modest, never had that kind of scrutiny Gwyneth had, and we never had that kind of pressure.  You hope they’ll handle it, and I think Gwyneth handled it quite well, considering all the stuff we have to deal with now – the press and the things that aren’t always wonderful.  But she’s a brilliant actress, and my hope is that as her children get older, she’ll be going back to acting more fully.”

Grand finale:
“No! I don’t want to stop.  I think that’s one of the best things about being an actor.  They always need a great-grandmother.  I always say what I’d love to do is take my final bow while dying on stage – that’s it.”

Blythe Danner AARP Magazine

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