Sunday, January 21st, 2018

The Multiples: Learn & Love Numbers During Meals



Here’s a way to get youngsters excited about numbers. The Multiples is “times table dinnerware” created by David and Jo Clancy.

The duo, who have many years experience working in education in the U.K., wanted to create products that would have children loving numbers. There are 12 multiples characters (ex: Professor One Hoot, Sister Three Baas, and Porky Five Bellies) that each have a number.

The aim is for children to use the Multiples Tableware as a game and just develop a dialogue with their peers or parents. During meals there can be skip counting, adding or subtracting around the dishes.

This may help your child pay attention to their plate a little more, considering there might be veggies on it!

The Curriculum Sets ($34.99) are a great idea to get kids comfortable with math. I recommend these as a holiday gift.

Check out the bowls, plates, tumblers which are each designed for different age groups.


Read more on how it works

Overall, love the concept! What’s wonderful is that for every time their product is purchased, they donate to a child in need.  For more info visit the website




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