Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

6 Book Ideas To Give To Children This Holiday Season


Books are always a great gift idea. Here are 6 recommendations of the latest releases!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School by Jeff Kinney ($13.95; Amulet Books)

In the latest new book release from Jeff Kinney, Greg Heffley wonders if life was better in the old days as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free.

Greg deals with new additions in the household including a carefree pig and Grandpa.
Even worse, dad gets on Greg’s case. When Greg’s lemonade stand with his friend Rowley goes sour and the Girl Scouts come after him, his only hope is to get away by joining a weeklong class trip at Hardscrabble Farms. But once there a mysterious farmer named Silas Scratch threatens to ruin Greg’s plans for some quiet time away from home. This is the 10th book and a must to collect for the home library.


TEETH FAIRIES: A baby Teeth Tradition by Ingrid Bencosme  ($39.99)

The Teeth Fairies book and doll set is super adorable!  The book (hopefully) inspires kids to brush and floss their teeth and the doll is a nice addition. In the book, there’s a place where you can record the date a child lost his/her tooth and how much the tooth fairy left. Also you can color in which teeth has fallen out.

Teeth Fairies: A Baby Teeth Tradition is by Ingrid Bencosme. She is a mom of four and schoolteacher for over ten years. A plus is that a portion of the proceeds of the book will go to Communities in Schools (CIS). Ingrid and her team have also created an interactive, fun and informative website that is a great resource for parents, including tips from a leading pediatric dentist and how to use the doll, and games and apps for kids.

You can buy the book and doll set for $49.99. Available in select bookstores, Nordstrom, FAO Schwartz, Toys R Us and online at and at


How Machines Work - cover artHow Machines Work: Zoo Break! ($19.99; DK)

Now here’s a big book that already has an eye-catching cover. From DK, Caldecott-winner David Macaulay uses pop-ups and illustrations to demonstrate the technology of six simple machines.
Follow the hilarious antics of Sloth and Sengi as they try to break out of the zoo with the help of levers, pulleys, screws, inclined planes, wedges and wheels. Packed with engaging, hands-on activities, this book will gear kids up for scientific and engineering greatness.

Macaulay is the author of 28 books, including the international bestseller The Way Things Work.
Ideal for older readers ages 7 and up. Not suitable for children under 7 years.




Caillou Waits For Santa


Caillou’s publisher, Chouette Publishing, is celebrating Caillou’s 25 years of entertaining children with books, TV shows, and toys. The celebrations include the Can do with Caillou campaign and the release of Storybook Treasury: Ten Bestselling Stories (25th Anniversary Edition), already in stores.
The newly released Caillou Waits For Santa is another sweet story with the 4-year-old, and includes an advent calendar with stickers in the back.
It’s Christmas Eve, and Caillou just can’t wait for night time. He plans to stay up all night to see Santa, but he finds this is a lot harder than he thought it would be.
Caillou was introduced in 1990 by Canadian author Christine L’Heureux, whose inspiration was French psychoanalyst Dr. Françoise Dolto, who believed children needed a rational understanding of the world.

(Fun fact: Caillou’s name comes from the French translation of “pebble” (which were used as payment by children visiting Dr. Dolto). As for his head, he was originally conceptualized as a nine-month-old baby. When it was time for him to grow, it was agreed he would keep his looks so audiences could still identify him, also showing that having ‘unusual’ looks is perfectly fine.)

4000 sticker book
Christmas 4000 Stickers (Parragon)

Now this is what is needed on a day when you want to keep a child busy indoors…4000 stickers to play with! Pages of activities for children ages 3 and up are in Christmas 4000 Stickers. There is scribbling and sketching to be done, as well as puzzles and just decorating scenes with the stickers. It’s a big book with glittery cover.




The Five-Minute Brain Workout for Kids by Kim Chamberlain ($14.99; Sky Pony Press)

Here’s an activity book that will keep that brain working. The Five-Minute Brain Workout for Kids includes 365 word puzzles and games. Learn about acronyms, anagrams, definitions, parts of speech, rhyming words, syllables, and word structure. There are Alphabet Teasers and Mini Word Sudoku puzzles. There are ten levels of puzzles ranging from easy to challenging.
The author Kim Chamberlain has a master’s in linguistics. She has worked with teens and is a volunteer reader/writer for college students. She was also the founding president of a professional speaker’s association. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand (I’ve been there and love it!) with her husband Jon and their two children. Jon is the illustrator of The Five-Minute Brain Workout for Kids

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