Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Tips for Parents To Motivate Children To Complete Their Responsibilities



I think most parents are interested in ways to motivate their children in helping around the house.  My Job Chart app founder and CEO Gregg Murset has created a list of easy to follow tips to do just that!

Tips for Parents to Motivate Children to Complete Their Responsibilities

By: Gregg Murset, Founder & CEO of

1. Connect Helping Around the House with a Special Day or Additional Activity Time … Sometimes all a child wants is some special time with mom and dad, maybe a trip to the zoo, to see a movie or to go out to eat at a favorite restaurant. Have a standing arrangement that every week or month, if assigned tasks are completed properly, you will grant them one wish to do something.

2. Go on Strike … If you give your children something to do and they skip out on it, do not do it for them. Even the most stubborn teen will take notice when they run out of clean laundry.

3. Allow Help … During summer break or on a long weekend give your kids a large project to complete and let them invite friends over to help. While painting the backyard fence or shoveling mulch for the yard might not sound fun to you it could be a blast for a group of kids. Especially if you offer to host a pizza party after the work is done.

4. Create Trades … Competition runs rampant between siblings so take advantage of it. If one of your kids is assigned a task and he/she doesn’t want to complete it, allow for trades between kids. The child who wants to trade his/her task can give up the reward tied to that chore to a sibling in exchange for the sibling doing it. If one sibling is willing to put in all the effort, the others will quickly take notice and want to contribute when they are not getting any of the rewards.

5. Let Kids Earn Money to Support A Special Charity They Pick … Help your child find a charity or cause they want to support, and tell them by finishing tasks around the house, the money they earn will go as a donation. The donation could be made once a year, every month or every week, depending on your child, but if they can see how their hard
work helps animals, another child or to help find a cure, they will be more engaged.



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