Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Love With Food: Snack & Donate A Meal


Love With Food Gluten Free Box

Here’s a gift idea that is healthy and will help feed hungry children in America.

Love With Food is an organic, all-natural subscription snack box that you can receive
every month.

For every box they send they donate a meal to help fight hunger in America. Most of the snacks are on the healthy side (previous inclusions are unshelled almonds and kettle cooked apples) with a few treats thrown in.

Love With Food

A few quick facts about Love with Food:

•     Love with Food provides all-natural or organic (even Gluten-Free) snack boxes packed with junk-free, hard-to-find snacks that expose consumers to unique snack items that they might not ordinarily try, or even have access to in their local grocery stores

•     For every box they ship, Love with Food donates a meal to hungry children in America. As of 2014, more than 400,000 meals have been donated

•     Each box is taste-tested and curated by the Love with Food team, so you aren’t just getting a box of “whatever”

•     Monthly subscriptions start as low as $10/month, or you can purchase a single box

There are three choices that you can click through at the Love With Food site: tasting box $10/month, deluxe month $17/month, and the gluten-free box for $24.50/month

I received a box of Fiesta Fiesta Deluxe Snack Box ($25). Inside I found:

•    Pico De Gallo Bean & Rice Chips by Beanfields
•    Chili Salt or Sweet Salt or Picante Salt Seasoning by Montana Mex
•    Pink Guava and Coconut Fruit Ice by Smooze!
•    Penne Pasta by Schar
•    Blood Orange Candy by GoOrganic
•    Iced Mango Mint Candy by GoOrganic
•    Inka Corn by Inka Crops
•    Hibiscus Creamed Honey by Vintage Bee
•    PBthins by Bell Plantation
•    Lemon Burst Cookies by HomeFree
•    Educational Snacks by Dick & Jane Baking Company
•    Dragon Fruit & Dulce de Leche or Banana & Raspberries or Strawberry & Dulce de Leche by goVida
•    Sea Salt Veggie Chips or Hint of Olive Oil Veggie Chips or Barbeque Potato by popchips

I think this is a great way to try out snacks that you have seen at the store but didn’t buy because you weren’t sure about them.

Because we got to try the samples, my kids are now fans of Pico De Gallo Bean & Rice Chips by Beanfields and Banana & Raspberries freeze-dried fruits by goVida.

For more info watch the video!

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