Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Unofficial Minecraft Adventure: Trouble In Zombie-Town


Minecraft: Trouble in Zombie-town
Minecraft fans, there’s a new novel in town.

Published by Skyhorse Publishing, Trouble in Zombie-town: The Mystery of Herobrine, An Unofficial Minecrafter’s Adventure by Mark Cheverton is now out. It is the author’s fourth book in the hugely popular Gameknight999 series.

Favorite characters are back, embarking on different exciting adventures and meeting brand new friends and foes.

The stories also carry strong anti-bullying messages, a hot-topic issue that has exploded in the last few years and garnered support from numerous celebrities for global campaigns such as “It Gets Better,” “The New F Word,” and “STOMP Out Bullying.”

Excerpt from back of book:

Gameknight999 was sucked into the world of Minecraft when one of his father’s inventions went haywire. Trapped inside the game, the former griefer learned the error of his ways. He transformed into a heroic warrior and defeated powerful endermen, ghasts, and dragons to save the world of Minecraft and his NPC friends who live in it.

Recommended for ages 9+ Price: $9.99

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