Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Boogie Wipes Launches Yearlong “Motherhood’s Snot Easy” Contest


Boogie Wipes Motherhood Contest

THE PRIZES: Each month 10 moms will win a year’s supply of Boogie Wipes and one grand-prize

winner will receive a 7-day Walt Disney Cruise for four


From wiping gunky noses to changing diapers and years of lost sleep, Boogie Wipes®

knows that motherhood is snot easy. To honor moms and create an opportunity for

priceless home video footage, Boogie Wipes® is launching a yearlong “Motherhood’s

Snot Easy” contest. Each month starting in May 2014 for Mother’s Day, ten families will

win a year’s supply of Boogie Wipes®, one case per month.


And, in May 2015 a grand-prize winner will be chosen to win a 7-day Walt Disney Cruise for four.

The “Motherhood’s Snot Easy” contest is guaranteed to generate a lot of humor around

the country.



To start the entry process, moms must get out the video camera and film

their children answering four questions, capturing what children really think about moms

in priceless videos.


Moms will ask their kids the following:

1. What does mommy cook for you at dinnertime?

2. What type of clothes does mommy like to wear?

3. What does mommy do all day? Is she busy?

4. Does mommy pick her nose?


When the video is complete it can be uploaded on the Boogie Wipes® contest page to

complete the entry process. For rules, regulations and full entry details for the

“Motherhood’s Snot Easy” contest visit:


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