Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Nick Lachey On Fatherhood: It’s Different With A Girl Than A Boy


Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey recently spoke to Wonderwall about fatherhood and opening his new bar.


How’s fatherhood treating you after welcoming your second child?

“It’s been great! It’s different with a girl than a boy. It’s been a lot of fun. I think No. 2 is easier. You’ve already done it once –- you kind of know what’s coming.”


Has Camden been stepping up as a big brother?

“He’s very concerned, which is good. If she’s crying, he’s like ‘Baby Brooklyn’s crying, what’s wrong?’ He wants to make sure that it’s addressed, so I like that that his instincts are kicking in — that he’s going to have to be a

protective big brother. It’s a good thing.”


Are you more protective over your baby girl, Brooklyn?

“You are protective of your kids no matter if they are boys or girls and your paternal instinct is to be protective no matter what. I’m sure the whole father-daughter dynamic will come into play in a big, big way as she gets older.”


You’re one busy dad, how do you get through your day?

“Lots of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. I think when you have kids you start to get used to getting up early. It’s just the nature of the beast. It’s not as hard as people might think — you get used to it like you do anything else. You go to bed early, because that’s the only way you can survive.”


Are you and Vanessa planning on having more kids, or is this it?

“Well, those are the kind of things that you have no way of knowing, right?! For right now, I’m pretty content with two: I got a boy and a girl. It feels like a good place to call it off, but you never know. … I’ve given up trying to make plans. We’ll see where it goes.”


Is there a song on your new album that is sentimental to you and your wife?

“‘Falling Slowly’ [on ‘Soundtrack of My Life’] is a song that means a lot to Vanessa and I. That’s one we had performed at our wedding shower. It’s a sentimental, meaningful song for the two of us.”


You opened a bar with your brother Drew Lachey, what has that been like?

“It’s been great. It’s something that we’ve talked about wanting to do for a long time. And we finally decided to go for it. It’s a different kind of business than anything we’ve ever done before. And it’s been eye-opening. But it’s been a lot of fun … I am a big sports nut and to have a sports bar in your hometown [Cincinnati, Ohio] — it’s surreal to walk in there and [be like] ‘this is our place,’ and to sit down at your bar and have a beer, it’s been cool.”


Have you jumped behind the bar to tend for your patrons?

“I have! I’m not sure if they would ask me back to do it again. But I did get behind the bar and make few mojitos on opening night.”


Are mojitos your go-to drink?

“They are my only drink unless it’s a simple gin and tonic. Or a vodka soda. Yes, they are my only drink!”



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