Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel With Xylitol Can Strengthen Teeth


Kid's Spry Tooth Gel

Recently for National Children’s Dental Health Month, Xlear Inc., the leading manufacturer of xylitol products on the market today, released a video showcasing the most effective way to keep your kids pearly whites healthy and strong!


I was sent two samples of Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel. They have been developed to be used in building the oral care health of infants and children. The toothpaste is formulated with a rich supply of xylitol and calcium. Using the products supports the absorption of calcium for the development of healthy tooth enamel. The tooth gel gently coasts your child’s mouth with Xylitol. There are no artificial ingredients and no fluoride and is safe to swallow.

There are three varieties: Original, Natural Bubble Gum and Strawberry and Banana. My daughter has chosen to use Kid’s Spry Tooth Gel over the regular brand we were using. Original is her favorite.

It’s hard to have her brush her teeth at night so this is a welcome product!

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