Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Extra’s Mario Lopez & Gia Interview ‘Cinderella’ Stars


Mario Lopez at Cinderella Premiere

Extra”s Mario Lopez brought 4-year-old daughter Gia to the premiere of “Cinderella” on Sunday night (March 1).

According to Extra, Mario and Gia talked to Cate Blanchett who plays the wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine in the film.

Gia asked, “Why are you so mean to Cinderella?”

Cate, “Well, because she’s prettier than I am and some girls are like that…Don’t be friends with those girls.”

Gia followed up with, “Do you really want to be a princess?”

Cate’s response, “I am a princess, sweetheart.”  She laughed, “And don’t you forget it!”

Gia quickly said, “Me too!”

Cate, “You’re a real princess. You’re daddy’s princess.”


Gia also happily chatted with Lily James who plays Cinderella .

Lilly asked her, “Do you like being a princess?”

Gia, “Yes!”

Lilly, “You are the best princess. Look at you!”

Gia taking over the interview, “I like your dress. Did you make it?”

Lilly played along, “I didn’t make it. I wish I had. My mice were away so they couldn’t help me.”

Gia then asked, “How did you forget your shoe?”

Lilly, “It’s so stupid, isn’t it? Who would do that? I didn’t forget them tonight. They’re on!”


Watch the video at Extra!

(Photo Credit: Mario Lopez)


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