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Q & A With Jimmy Osmond: Author Of ‘Awesome Possum Family Band’



Jimmy Osmond is committed to children’s literacy and recently released his new book for kids, “Awesome Possum Family Band” (Regnery Kids; 2014; $16.99).

Jimmy’s character, Possum Number Nine, sets off to discover his special musical talent when the Awesome Possum Family Band receives an invitation to make their big showbiz break on TV. Possum Number Nine uncovers many talents he doesn’t have before discovering his own. With love and patience, Mother Possum encourages Number Nine to dig deep within himself and “practice, practice practice” to find what he truly loves and make his dream come.

The father-of-four hopes children will get the message.

 “As I looked at my life, I realized that my parents had given me the ability to feel that everyone has a part to play. In today’s world, you see a lot of kids that are lost and don’t realize how much potential they have, so I hope this book can in some small way encourage kids to go for their dreams.”

He’s also still active with the Board of the Children’s Miracle Network which was started by his mother. The organization has to date raised more than $5 billion.

Jimmy Osmond

Read my Q & A with Jimmy!

What age range is Awesome Possum Family Band for?

I was shooting for 6 to 10, but it’s amazing to see how large the demographic spread is on this. I have had a lot of school teachers and people who just love remembering the 70’s, and they’re buying it when we were lucky enough to be on the radio. Parents are also seeing this book, and books in general, as a great stocking stuffer.

How long did it take to write the book?

The actual text of the book took about three months, but the character design took about six.

Tell me about your kids, what ages are they? Are they in show business?

My oldest daughter is 20. I have two boys in the middle — 17 and 13 — and I have a 12-year-old little girl. They do perform at my theater sometimes when we’re on the road, but I think they will end up in a different line of work than me 🙂

What do you think of pop music today?

I love a lot of the music that’s happening today, but I’m still stuck on the music of the 70s. Those years, for some reason, really gave us a huge tapestry of great music and style.

What are your plans for 2015?

I’m just finishing up the Christmas show at my theater Andy Williams Moon River Theater in Branson, Missouri, and then I go to do a Christmas play in the UK by myself, and then another play following that in the UK, and then come back and perform at my theater and road dates with my brothers. We still perform at least 100 shows a year. I also produce other shows that I’m not in — around 300 of them per year.

Thanks again for your interest in what I’m doing. I hope I get an opportunity to meet you someday in person. Thanks, Jimmy

Thanks too Jimmy!

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