Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Introducing The World Of Glitterbelle



New from Parragon…introducing Glitterbelle!

The collection includes glittery, sparkly, creative books filled with stories and activities. I received the books, a tiara, a tutu and purple cookies, all in a cool cotton canvas tote.



Glitterbelle: Me and You ($7.95)

A journal with the Glitterbelle touch! Learn how to be a modern-day princess, and how to let your hair down sometimes, too! Fill in pages about you, your friends, your princess style, and your dreams and hear some of Glitterbelle’s secrets as well.

Glitterbelle, Doodle, Dazzle, Create! ($6.95)

Glitterbelle and her two best friends are hosting a slumber party at the palace: everyone is going to be a princess for the night! Read the story, add doodles, designs, and color as you go along, and even make your own. Get involved and get creative with this gorgeous fill-in book. With a cute mini tin notepad for extra creativity!

Glitterbelle: Dazzling Dress-Up ($6.95)

This 32 page dress up sticker book has Glitterbelle putting on a fashion show with her friends. Help the girls try out different designs with stickers. Also included are mini glittery nail stickers.

Glitterbelle: The Sparkliest Princess Ever! ($9.95)

Glitterbelle is a fun loving modern-day princess. When she tries to be a proper fairy-tale princess, it doesn’t quite work out. Thankfully her friends Dazzlina and Angel are on hand to help her realize that she’s the best kind of princess after all.

Also available in a “Read Along eBook”


Overall, if your child likes princesses and girly things then Glitterbelle is great. It’s all adorable, especially for kids who love the color purple!


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