Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Mabel’s Labels Helps NHL Stay Safe This Hockey Season


Mabel's Labels Hockey Labels

In December 2014 the NHL reported 14 cases of the mumps, including the Penguins’ Sidney Crosby. Since mumps can be spread through water droplets shared amongst players through water and sports bottles, Mabel’s Labels, the award-winning market leader for labels for the stuff kids lose!®, is donating personalized peel-and-stick labels to 30 NHL teams to help them designate their sports gear and water bottles to help minimize the risk of transmitting this disease.

Three NHL teams- Florida Panthers, New York Rangers and San Jose Sharks have responded very positively and started using Mabel’s Labels on the team’s water bottles.

Having a Mabel’s Label is helpful! They keep your belongings from being lost and the company is also aiding to prevent the spread of transmittable illnesses, especially for those who have look-alike gear and food allergies. Unlike markers, Mabel’s Labels durable, waterproof and fade-proof labels help ensure that water bottles, sports gear, towels, and other items are always clearly designated for the person they belong to.

Mabel’s Labels, based in Canada, is also a long-time fan of the NHL and as more confirmed mumps cases have emerged, the brand has decided to take action and help teams implement safety precautions through labeling their gear.

Mabels labels hockey labels

Mabel’s Labels Hockey Combo is ideal for any teammate who wants to designate his or her own gear. The pack contains:
•    A personalized pack of 21 Equipment Labels; 3 Stick Labels; 2 Skate Labels; and 2 Number Labels.
•    Choice of 30 NHL team-inspired colors.
•    $16.99

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