Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Holiday Books: Roaming Reindeer



Move over Elf On The Shelf, there’s a new product out there to watch the kiddies…Roaming Reindeer.

Angela Meju’s Christmas keepsake and children’s book Roaming Reindeer is a poignant tale celebrating teamwork, good manners and the holiday season.
Parents use the storybook and two plush reindeer (Gus and Sam), to encourage good behavior at Christmastime. When one reindeer goes missing, he’s off to tell Santa who’s been naughty and nice. This new family tradition comes in a keepsake box for its holiday season debut.

Children and siblings will keep a close eye to make sure their Reindeer stay together until Christmas Eve, when they leave to help Santa deliver presents.

OVERALL: My daughter, 6, really likes them. After we read the book, I placed the reindeer on the shelf. I think they are a nice alternative to the ELF. Some ideas on how to use them:

If the reindeer stay together for five days, a child gets a reward. Check out!


For Ages 4+. $34.95


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