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5 New Apps To Play With In 2015


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5 New Apps To Play With In 2015

I love apps! They keep my kids busy at places like home, in the car and the doctor’s office. I’m always searching for new games and stories to download on the iPad. Here are the latest ones recently pitched to me from creative companies.

1. Memoir – Want to share photos without having to share them with your husband’s Facebook friends? Co-Founders Angela Kim and Lee Hoffman are behind this app which has you share memories at the time they were snapped.

Memoir curates your daily memories based on where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing. So when you’re about to show off your new haircut, your friends and family will see it in an instant.

2. PlayKids – This mobile app is described as “4 apps in one with a mix of eBooks, nursery rhymes, shows, activities and lullabies”.

The company claim that PlayKids is safer than YouTube and has more content that PBS’ app. You can watch licensed shows from PBS, Disney and Dreamworks Animation. You just download once and play offline.

With content that can be played without Wi-Fi, Playkids would be useful for long car rides. The company is releasing a winter edition with new shows, games and features so stay tuned.

Price: Free with iPhone and iPad

3. Look My Life – a new children’s iPhone app that is pretty brand new. In fact, it’s so new that at the time I am writing this, they are still in the Beta testing stage.

An award-winning author created this app when her mom (who was living on the other side of the world) missed the birth of her oldest son. Designed for children 6 and under, one of the app’s features is to help little kids learn about their family members. The app uses pictures and videos from your child’s own life to create personalized flashcards like: Grandma, Where I Live, My Toothbrush, Combing My Hair, Visiting the Zoo, etc. How cool is that?

Another great part is that it’s ad-free and free to download with in-app purchase. Foreign language packs will be available in the future.

5 New Apps To Play With In 2015

4. PLAY-DOH: Seek and Squish – Parents can finally not fret about messy hands with this app. This all-new interactive storybook app for emerging readers is made entirely of digital PLAY-DOH. What? Well, not really of PLAY-DOH but close enough. Children can mold their own PLAY-DOH animals, such as a toucan, camel or monkey, with the real modeling compound. They can also take pictures of their creations.

In the story, readers will meet friendly animals wanting to play “hide-and-go-seek” while making their journey through eight colorful habitats: Desert, Garden, Ocean, Savanna, Farm, Forest, Arctic, and Jungle.

There’s also a digital Field Guide to learn more about the animal they have just discovered. Complete with “Read to Me” and “Read to Myself” modes, PLAY-DOH: Seek and Squish is an educational experience.

Price: $2.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch or at

5 New Apps To Play With In 2015

5. Sunny’s Dark Night – Loudcrow has done it again with its Windy & Friends series for preschoolers. The app combines traditional crafting and stop-motion animation with interactive technology.

Each appisode is accompanied by a game and an interactive map that explains the world of the characters with sounds. Just touch and tilt, and watch the story come alive.

Read in English or French.

Price: $2.99 for iPhone and iPad

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