Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Chuao Chocolatier: The Best Chocolates I’ve Had In A Long Time


Honeycomb Chocopod

Tasting sweets made by Chuao Chocolatier for the first time was a great treat for the family recently. These chocolates are one of the best tasting chocolates me and my husband have ever had.

Check out the flavors by clicking this link.

There are so many varieties like Sweet & Salty Bar, Pretzel Toffee Twirl Bar,  Honeycomb, and Potato Chip Bar.

They each sell at $6 a bar or 4 for $20.

Orange-A-Go-Go ChocoPod with Logo

They had a special Trick Or Treat Halloween Chocopod 30 piece bag for $30 available too.
These are really good and make a special gift. I know the prices are expensive but these are quality chocolates so you get what you pay for.

Potato Chip ChocoPod with Logo

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