Sunday, February 18th, 2018

App: Care Bears Advent Calendar App



The new Care Bears Advent Calendar App from American Greetings will keep your little ones busy all throughout December.

After downloading it on Sunday, my daughter quickly went to play with it. However, since it’s like a real advent calendar, you can’t play or open anything until December 1. In the meantime she can create and design snowflakes.

This app is sort of clever because we’re not going to delete it since we’re curious to see what else will be appearing when December starts.

The press release states that there will be games, activities, and videos as you explore the dazzling sights of Care-a-Lot at Christmas time.

Each day, click on the stars to reveal another special Care Bears surprise and check out all of the wondrous Christmas activities. Whether you’re helping trim the tree in the center of Care-a-Lot, making your own snowflakes or creating joyful scenes with interactive coloring pages there’s something for everyone!

Available now for iPads for $2.99 on the App Store.  A PC and MAC desktop app can be downloaded at

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