Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Parragon: Peek-A-Book & Sleepy Train



These two picture books from Parragon are colorful and entertaining for children under six.

Peek-A-Book by Malachy Doyle

This book encourages interactive reading. With holes to peek through and shapes to peep over, join this cat and dog in their playful, peek-a-boo romp through the pages.

OVERALL: A very fun book. My daughter enjoyed each page and it kept her attention. Ideal for preschoolers.


The Sleepy Train by Mark Marshall

Here is the description:

For a long, long time, everyone has known that dogs and cats just don’t get along. Dogs want to play. Cats want to sleep. Dogs want to chase. Cats want to run and hide! One little cat knows all this very well. So she runs … into a book where she eats a little bear’s porridge, through a story where she circles round and round and down a beanstalk, and through so many more favorite fairy tales and rhymes. And, of course, a dog chases her! But what will happen when he finally catches up?



Driver’s engine, clean and smart,
Whistle blows, it’s time to start,
Wheels are turning, lights aglow,
‘All aboard, and off we go!’
Join Bear and his friends on the cozy little Sleepy Train as it sets off on a magical night-time journey … all the way to the Land of Nod! This soothing story by Mark Marshall is the perfect ticket for bedtime!

OVERALL: Great drawings, imaginative, and the perfect bedtime read!

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