Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Laundry Time With The New Wisk Deep Clean Products


Wisk_Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts

I recently received a packet of Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts to try out. We have been using another well known brand for awhile now, and it was a change to see how these “capsules” do the trick.

Wisk Deep Clean goes beyond surface stains because it contains patented Micro‐Cleaners™ that penetrate deep inside fabric to seek out and attack hidden dirt, such as trapped body oils and sweat that most other detergents leave behind.

The first thing I noticed when the clothes come out of the washing machine is that they do smell cleaner. That’s a plus! With the other brand sometimes, there is still odor left.

Here is some info the Wisk people gave me:

According to the Wisk® Yuck Report’s “Dirty Secrets Revealed:”

·         1 in 3 women have worn the same bra for several days in a row while almost as many men have worn the same socks or underwear for several days
·         93% of consumers have odors on at least some of their loads and sweat is the biggest offender
·         Most men and women surveyed go over a month without changing sheets

Wisk_Wisk Detergent

An average load has 20 times more body oils than visible stains, because the average adult can sweat up to two gallons a day. Most laundry detergents only scratch the cleaning surface; clothes may smell fresh and clean, but what about the stains you can’t see?

Okay, gross on the underwear statement. Who doesn’t change it everyday?!

Overall, I like Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts. I will definitely buy them at the store again when this packet runs out.

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