Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Funley’s Super Crackers & Wholly Granolly Clusters


SC Cheddar snack pack box Vn4 rendering_Med Res 4inch

Here are two products I have never heard of before. Both foods I handed out to my girl scouts troop to try.

Funley’s Super Crackers contain hidden veggies inside every bite such as broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes.
Super Crackers come in four indulgent flavors such as Cheddar, Pizza, Ranch and Cornbread. The crackers are non-GMO and contain 7+ essential vitamins and minerals. The packaging is resealable making it ideal for when you need a quick on-the-go snack.

Overall: The cheddar and the cornbread flavors received favorable reactions. In my opinion, these crackers are dry so better with slices of cheese or a dip and a drink!

WG  DCC snack pack box rendering_Med Res 4inch

Wholly Granolly Clusters are all-natural unique new bite-sized, poppable wholesome and crunchy granola clusters with flavors such as Apple Berry, Double Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Pretzel.

The fave flavor was the Double Chocolate Chip. However, I noticed with one of the bags, the clusters crumbled up to resemble cereal.


In all, these are so so snacks for the kids. They weren’t crazy about them. They are healthy though, so give them a try at least once.


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