Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

New! 2014 Hess Toy Truck And Space Cruiser


50th Anniversary in three parts

If anyone has ever owned a Hess vehicle, they are of great quality and a must to keep hold of for years to come.

Hess just today announced the newest addition to its celebrated line of toy trucks — the 2014 Hess Toy Truck and Space Cruiser with Scout, the official 50th anniversary truck!

The three-in-one Hess Toy Truck can be pre-ordered now at for $29.99 with 6 Energizer® batteries and free shipping included. The toy goes on sale November 14 at participating Hess, Hess Express and WilcoHess retail stores and online with free shipping.

The 2014 Hess Toy Truck is a space cruiser, with retractable landing gear, flashing lights and button-activated and motion-activated sound effects, riding on top of a flatbed truck. A cargo door on the space cruiser opens to reveal the scout that features folding wings and working lights. The flatbed truck doubles as a launch pad complete with a button-activated launch ramp with hydraulic lift, 3 realistic sound effects and 41 lights. Chrome detailing on the cab includes an embossed “50” to officially mark the Hess Toy Truck’s 50th anniversary.

50th Anniversary with lights

Starting November 1, The Hess Toy Truck Mobile Museum tour will bring the entire holiday toy truck collection to the East Coast.

Also the company is celebrating the 50th anniversary by selling the first ever limited-edition, individually numbered Collector’s Edition Hess Toy Truck (available exclusively at for $45.99).

Can’t wait to see this toy in action!


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